Mobile PPC Campaign

Mobile PPC campaign

Using mobile PPC campaign you will enjoy certain advantages over other forms of online marketing methods.

  • Fast, measurable results
  • Full control of budget and Scheduling
  • Traffic is targeted
  • You only pay for click
  • Better SEO

 Our Mobile PPC campaign best practises

  • We test one element at the time. As we have seen before, each ad is organized in different lines of text. Each time you test ads with different elements in each line  you won’t know the specific line of text that performed better because there are too many variables in the test
  • We test different features and benefits of your products or services in the description lines and find the ones that earn the best CTR and conversion rate. Once you figure out the features or benefits that work best, you can test them in other marketing channels and see if they improve their performance.
  • We tell people what you would like them to do on your site. Using a clear call to action such as learn more, buy now, and call us increases the chances of actually having people perform that action. People are subconsciously influenced by what you ask them to do.
  • We use a period at the end of the description line one. It will move the first description line next to the headline creating a bigger ad. A bigger ad is going to grab more attention and generate more clicks to the website.
  • We select landing pages that are relevant to the ads and keywords that you selected. If your page is not optimized for your target keywords, there is a high chance you will not perform well from a quality score standpoint