Best tips for startups how to growth hack instagram

Best tips for startups how to growth hack instagram

 Best tips for startups how to growth hack instagram


 Growth hack instagram!

growth hack instagram

Before we get to strategies and tactics of instagram it is very important to know how hashtag system works.

Firstly, remember that you can and should create hashtags and use them creatively in your business. Secondly you can use hashtags to research popular trends in your niche. You can use hashtags to participate in conversations within your industry and build active dialogue with your audience. Hashtags will help you to identify new prospects and trends. You can share your images with a much broader group of people than just your followers.

Best practices to use hashtags:

  1. use either one word or a short phrase
  2. try to create a hashtag that is memorable and easily understood
  3. check to make sure the hashtag is not open to multiple interpretations, or else it runs the risk of being used for the wrong purpose
  4. check to make sure the hashtag is not already in use before creating it
  5. remember that once you set up a hashtag, it becomes a communication tools for anyone to use.

According to tophashtags  the top 10 hashtags are:

  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #me
  • #cute
  • #tbt
  • #photooftheday
  • #instamood
  • #tweetgram
  • #iphonesia
  • #picofthe day

It is good to know what people hashtags most, but for startups more important is knowing the popular hashtags in their industry or niche.

Do a research and find out hashtags using by your users or your target group. When you discovered hashtags which you don’t understand check its meaning here.

Hashtag Dos and Donts

Hashtag Dos:

  • spent time to research hashtags in your niche and learn how to use it
  • Participate in the use of hashtags to extend your message to a broad audience
  • look who is using your niche hashtags
  • Use caution when creating new hashtags to ensure you can shape the dialogue as much as possible
  • Create hashtags that are brief and easily understood

Hashtag Donts

  • Don’t forget that hashtags are a tool that can be used to do damage
  • don’t underestimate the negative sentiment that might be bottled up about your brand and unleashed via hashtags
  • You shouldn’t create hashtags that are too general.
  • Don’t create hashtags with brand names
  • Don’t overuse hashtags. Use between 2 and 10 hashtags.
Websites that track trending hashtags:






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